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Jeon Jiwoo (전지우; or Jiwoo Jeon, born on October 4, 1996 in Seoul, South Korea) is the maknae, main dancer, lead vocalist, and rapper in KARD. She represents the letter R and the Color Joker.


During her trainee days, she trained for 5 years at FNC Entertainment. She later went on to join the DSP Media, training for 2 months. She debuted as a member of KARD on July 19, 2017, along with BM, J.Seph, and Jeon Somin.

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Producing & Credits

Year Artist Song Album Type
2020 Yeeun, Jeon Jiwoo, Jamie, Cheetah and Hyohyeon. "Witch" Good Girl Writing


  • She is the youngest in K.A.R.D.
  • She is a former FNC Entertainment trainee (She trained there for 5 years).
  • Card Name : ColorJokeR.
  • Nicknames: Mochi, Little Joker
  • She trained for 2 months.
  • She can play the clarinet.
  • She majored in classical music for 6 years, from grade 3 until her senior year.
  • Her shoe size is 250mm.
  • She's friends with Mimi from Gugudan and Doha from Boys24.
  • She's also friends with Up10tion's Bitto, N.Flying and SF9.
  • She, along with Somin, featured in a version of Super Junior's 'Lo Siento'.
  • She can do a doraemon impression.
  • She has a brother, but they aren’t very close.
  • She can withstand pain because she did 8 piercings in one day, on both ears.
  •  She said that, "I’m in charge of making our group’s singing, rapping, dancing and music colorful."
  • She first met BM on his birthday.
  • She first met the members on the day they first recorded "Oh NaNa ".
  • She once forgot her Instagram password.

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